Its Beautiful here, Its a great to be.- Chembra


(Image: Chemba, wayanad, Kerala. source Google)

Problem with people like me, we always want or wish to go abroad and hoping that worlds best places are in Outside India. Where many of the people around the world come here and spent time. we just dont realise how beautiful our places are. Yeah i’m talking about one of the beautiful places in Kerala..


I dont think most of the people are aware of this place and still wonder why this place not that much famous comparing with the other places in wayanad. Wayanad is always a tourist place where most of the people opt to spend their time. I have been many times to wayanad and never heard about this place.(may be i didnt spend my time well in front of the PC).

All of a sudden, one of my friend came and said we should celebrate this new year night out side our place. when the moment he said this no one in the gang disagree with him, Just because we never celebrated newyear night out side our place, we used to spent the night in our place and share the moments, that’s all.

But this time it was needed. coz everybody need that break. we were not hesitate to opt Wayanad as our destination. we opted wayanad couple of years ago as our destination and had a wonderful time out there. And this time also everyone of the gang ready to visit again despite of knowing every places are well known to everyone. But again we move forward with our plans.

Total 7 members In one Xylo. to wayand.

images (1)

Image: Enroute to chembra


Tripping with besties always bring smiles and joy to your mind and its a great feeling when you travel with them. these are the time when u look back and think how happy you were. we decided to start our trip in night so that we can save some time. Nidhin was our driver. He was well aware of the route!!, but you have to admit that you are living in a smart world, you have to give up on some things. wonder why what i’m talking about, Let me explain ,

who would have thought Google maps will give you hard times?

May be you dont believe but this happened with us. As we going in the right way one of my friend want to check again whether we were going the right direction, he opened his google map and said that he got a better way that will take us to the destination in 40 min early. that bring smiles to the driver and he said lets go to that way, but guess what, that decision to go with google map was one the biggest mistake that we took in that tour. Yes google maps is very accurate and give you right direction but not in Wayanad. we reached the destination 2 hours late than what we expected.

Kurava Island thats the place to be.


Before this trip happen, our fav place was Kurava island, coz we had had wonderful time out there. we visited that place few years ago. when we think of wayanad this place comes to our mind. Yea kurava is a wonderful place to be, but not now.When we visit that place few years ago there wasn’t any restriction you can go where ever you want. that freedom is the highlight of that place. now you wont get that freedom there. coz you can only go limited places and we only came to know about this after reaching there. that was bit disoppinting. Coz our main aim for this trip was to visit kurava.

Lets find some beautiful places to get lost.


Image: Infront of the ticket counter Chembra

This was the next step when we depart from kurava. So finally we decided to visit chembra. As we heard from the local people chembra nothing but heart shaped peak on top of the mountain. Many of them arent excited to visit the place coz first we need to book a jeep to get on top there which will cost 700, plus per head entrance fee of 700. so we had re think to visit chembra. main thing that goes through our mind was,  will it worth going on top? what so special out there? I think you will also think like this. May be the reason why many of us didnt heard about this place is because of this thoughts sharing by the local people in wayanad. if you ask them which is the best place to visit they hardly say chembra. After visiting this beautiful place i strongly recommend Chembra. A must visit place.

All i need some time in a beautiful place to clear my head.


Image: Beside Heart peak.

For me i always enjoy goin to a place you never been and discribe yourself. Now i realise its not how well you plan your trip but how well you make it happen. Things wasnt that easy if you are thinking to reach on top of that mountain, you need to walk in bare foot of about 3 and half km to reach there.

“First of all if you are planning to visit this place, go there early as possible, it will help you to climb easily, when the sun is out thigs will get worse. dont even think of rainy season to visit this place! “
First you need to step down from you car if you care more. its more like a offroad and you need special skill to drove through that. we called a Jeep drivere and he asked us pay 900 for 3 km ride. we bargain and he setteled for 700.
“Dont agree to pay the amount Jeep drivers ask, they will settele for the amount you say, later.”

Ride to the top of the entrance gate was just remarkable. you’ll defenetly enjoy it. driver drove the jeep as fast as he could just to impress us. that was fun. that decision to drop our vehicle in the main gate was good, later we realised. sometimes its bit difficult even to walk in that road!. after a thrilling jeep ride we reached end of the road. from here on we need to walk another 3 and half km. at first you will think its just only 3 km but believe me it felt like 12km!!
You need to walk through forest get there, you will see a watch tower after walking half km, many people end their trip there coz of the difficulty. one of our friend give away the walk there coz he felt like vomiting.

” If you decided to quit in half way you wil later regret.”

“Its also help full if you take a stick from there to climb the mountain, coz you will get harder when you move forward”
As we going forward most of us was very tired and felt like we cant make it, but we were not ready to quit.

” To reach Chembra you need to cover total of 3 mountains”
You wont see that 3 mountains if you watch it from the entrance gate. i can only see one mountain and i thougtht that heart peak was on top of that mountain.


We started climbing the mountain bit late and many of the people were returning from the top and every time we asked them how is it like to be there and how long. none of them said its not worth going there and they were happy, that gave us lot of confident and strength to go up. in the middle, one of my friend decided to go back, he was very tired and cant move. we left him and move forward.

“In the entrance you need to pay 100 Rs extra for one bottle of water, if you come back with that bottle they will refund it, if you not, then your money will lost,”
I found it as a good idea and most of the people returned with the bottle. Same time its not a good idea to drop your bottles in the entrance gate coz you will defenitly need lots of  water while climbing.

” you will get to see  lot of fresh water flowing  from the top and you can drink it, its pure and safe”
We passed half way and there you can have beautiful view of the path you covered. In that time we get to see a man with his daughter returning, man aged around 75 (i guess) walking freely. that was a bit surprising for us, we all are aged between 23-27 and we struggled to get there, but that man looks very strong and didnt even feel like he was tired. that also gave some power to move forward. some times you need that kind of mind set, age is just a number if you ready to go forward.
After a long 2 hour walk i can hardly see the heart shapped peak. wasn’t that much excited to see that, coz sceneries around that heart shaped peak was marvelous and outstanding. its really a treat to our eyes. I feel very happy and proud to reach there, i believe most the friends with me. NOt only the sceneries but the wind also. We reached there at 2 o clock or something but it didnt felt  that much heat outside.
after spending some time watching the places and we finally decided to go and have a look at the so called heart shapped peak. you will wonder for sure about the gods creation.


Image: At chembra heart Peak.

I think we spend lot of time there may be hours , took lot of photos and finally guide told us that its time to go back.
In the end that visit made me think of writing this note. This is my experience with Chembra. i felt it as a beautiful place.
Its beautiful here, Its great to be…


Is it necessary to give bribe to get a job in Central government? (IAF)

I was preparing for the Ldc exam in Indian airforce AVADI Depot for couple of days..  Ever since I got the Admit card I was hoping that I can manage to get that job.  So that I worked hard to make my wish happen.  Went to CHENNAI CENTRAL for attending the exam on early morning and  rushed to the exam center with lot of hours left.  What I have seen was just unimaginable,  lot of people from my own home town reached there only to attend the exam.  The surprising thing is there was only two vacancy available.  One for UR and one for OBC.  Almost 600 people were arrived there.  Before getting in to the exam hall I met a old man who was working in IAF avadi standing with one candidate.  I closely watched him,  the candidate who was standing with him wore a cap in his head and the IAF staff holding his hand  after sometime an invigilator came and suddenly the IAF staff introduced the candidate with some sort of hand signals.  After that I came to beside  him and asked some questions about the vacancies.  He said only few vacancies left you hd to work well to get this job.  Then I said I was preparing for this kinds of jobs since ages and he told me keep trying.  After some time he said to note his number and call him after the exam.  After getting in to the exam hall I realised that candidate who wore a cap got so much of help from the invigilators and only the reason why he wore a cap is to identify him.  After the exam me and my friend realized that whole exam was not fair.  After that we decided to call him in the number that he gave to us.  Called him and he asked me to call back after one hour.  So we waited in the exam center.  At that time all candidates left the center.  Suddenly we noted that man with the cap Is waiting out side the office and officers came and discussed with him for 15 min.  After  half an hour he came in a bike  and took the cap men with him.  We called him again after half hour and he asked me to pay 5 lakh Rs to get a Multi Tasking staff post.  Me and my friend stunned and stood like a statue for a min.  All our  hard work and money went off to the bin.  Didn’t know what to do and whom to blame this for.  We decided to go back home without attend the next exam and feels like a screwed.  This story had happened in Indian airforce AVADI Depot.  If this is the case of so called defense service then what will be case of other departments.  Corruption is something that we cannot move out from India.  If you have money in hand you have everything.

When i walk alone

Now i am goin through the toughest days in my life,  Studies are almost over. Nothing more to come. All i want to prove others that i’m not a nut.. !! When i look back to the entire life, i just realized how much care and support every one have given to me.  But the fact that am not purely deserve all these. I know at some point of time i really failed to give back the love others expected from me. I always think that how can i behave like this? Why i’m too lazy to do something for others and even for myself.

Yeah am a lazy guy, that made me  struggle like this. What  funny is, I got a job in the first appearance, that gave me lot of confidence. but It wasn’t that much secure job actually.. i took a long one and half years to realize that. !  After passing degree level without any better marks, i thought finding a job is really a simple thing. but i failed there first. But  with god grace got a job in infopark  kochi as transaction processor in a BPO company. I’m really impressed with the facility which they provided to me.




Vismaya building.  situated in Infopark kochi.




I never thought i will stay in that company for long 2 years. but it happened. Got many friends there. happy years..! first person i met there is, Mohammad Noufal. A very loving and caring person. I knew it the moment i met him. He was from very known place but never met each other before.  But had great time with him..



With him i also  met one other person also. that was Asha..! full name Asha mol Kairali. I used to call her “Kairali”  No other girl from that company love me like she did. i used to fight with her  regularly but it was only for fun. what i really remembered about her is, she was very sad when i say good bye to her. it was painful for me also to say bye to her.

TW (33)


Hari chettan.. wow what to say about this person..!! very much confused..!  May be one of the best ever person i met in my life. truly loving person. He is a team leader in our company. designation wise he is superior than me but he never acted like that and nver behaved like a superior.

Not only that but something was there between me and Hari chetttan. because  he was not only a friend for me he was just like a brother…!



Met so many other persons and had a good time with them. Best thing happened in ACS was Tour. We had a tour to Wayanad. I have been many times to wayanad before but i prefer to go with them. it was memorable and fun too. 8 men in one xylo to wayanad forest area. wow just imagine how cool was that..! 😛

Tour Wayanad1


But day by day it was getting tougher and tougher. Work load getting heavy, night time schedules. i was really tired by doing all those things. then after i got a plan to quit that job and join a Post graduate course. That decision to quit job was really needed that days.  Then searched many sites for MBA but ended up by!

I think that decision to took Over MBA was a bad decision.


Meanwhile I joined in a private collage in Ernakulam.. It was in kacheripady exactly. Named Tandem..!

Restarted my studies after a long gap..!  Morning to Noon class.. Easy Only four hour. But when i get in that four hours  felt like almost a day..!! :O  after completing degree course in a regular college, it was tough to go a private collage. no campus only classes no entertainment.. That atmosphere wasnt helped me to go regularly.. but i was trying to adjust with the new life. toughest task to go to college was morning time journey. i had to travel in a Over crowded Passenger train. No seats not standing place.. ! Terrible travelling days.,.  #sigh


But like every time got some friends with same mind set..!  first person i met there in college was Sreekanth. he was my co passenger in train. near to my home town. A person who can speak Kongini laguage. Yes he is a Kammath..! Loving person always cared about me. I too loved him.. Me and him   become friends easily..


One thing that i cant deal with him was, he always wanted to attend the class. bt am not. so have to find other guys with similar minds that was  the next step. I dont have to wait for long to find those fellows.


This was our gang. enjoyed lot with them. May be the best memorable part was the time i spent with them. Best thing is our meeting places are not in college, it was in malls and bus stops. 😀


Fist Year gone like weeks. exam was the only bad thing happened in first year..  I didnt even get my first year result in this moment.  I’m pretty sure it will not go nice.


I dont know when actually my second year class started. coz i took a long gap to leave  back to the college.


Onam celebration ..:) that was fun and memorable.  girls were in saree and boys in Mundu.. Dont imagine me in Mundu. coz i never wore a mundu in college . !

Onam celebration lasted almost two days. First day in college with Ona Pookkalm competition. As you know we dont even near to the winners..! but i like the Pookkalam. Subin Aswathy Alphy ete were made that pookkalam. i just helped to cut the flowers..thats all..!

DSCF1607 DSCF1574


time has passed very fastly. but not even go back to studies. too lazy to attend the class. Boring hours. All we do in that time was either go to a mall or stay in bus stops.!

There are mainly Two spots to hangout

Marine Drive


We used to spent time there. Lovely place to hangout. no one was there to disturb us except “Bhiksha’kar”..!  Sit there and make kathi each other was our main habbit..!


2. Malls





I think our best time was spend there in malls. we used to watch movies there and Buy Chicken Priyazo from Lulu hypermakets was our routine things in Malls. I think we must say thank to Yusaf ali for Making Lulu. We used to visit there twise in a week. More importantly it was our fav hotspot..


IMG_20140211_150419 IMG_20140211_150711 IMG_20140220_213344 IMG_20140221_124822


Before say about malls, I have to mention those three people in that images. Sharon Tenson shafi and Tony.I used to go to malls with him.  To go back to these images are now a difficult task. because while watching these images i just realised how much hardly am gonna miss their company.. 😦

The other best thing happened in was the Christmas celebration.  it was fun. we bought a cake and invited the teachers and shared cake each other. when celebrating that time i never thought this moments will come to my mind while blogging. so hard to think about that times also..  😦






More importantly i dont maintained a good company with the girls in my class. but after goin an outting with them to Fort kochin i got very close friendship with girls also. That trip made some big changes to my mind toward girls in my class.. ! We  had a good time in the beach also. took lot of photos and shared smiles 🙂

IMG_20130930_203454 IMG_20140330_221925


Days passed like never before,

We came to know that we are reaching to the end of our class. and fear factor was after this, in our upcoming life time we never going to study like this. coz studying times are almost over. next to do is to seek  for jobs and for girls, to find their life partner or jobs.

DSC07503-001 DSC07534 DSC07694-001

Finally reached to the last day celebration. before that college authorities planned a  oneday tour programm to munnar. but most of us (boys)  are not interested to go. because of that ‘One’ day tour. Last day celebration programmed and charted by Tenson. Only man take initiative to to that..! rest of them are not came infront. With his effort that last day at college was awesome..! like everytime program started with  cake cutting by principal. then after teachers told their experience. Arun sir, only one who told nice things about us!!.



Final year exam time table arrived unexpectedly, that was really a shock for us.  we thought we had a long one month time for examination. but all our expectations breaked by the great MG University. all are busy with studies. but for me and my friends its too late to start our studies.

finally bought the books and started studies. Sreekanth helped me to know what exactly the syllabus and subjects. And more over Sruthi



She helped me to find out the important questions and gave a hope to win the exams. with out the help of these mates i couldnt find the exam papers.!


Now i dont know what exactly goin through my mind and what exactly is waiting for me outside. Here now i am alone.. Now i have to find out many answers. many ways. many lifes.  I know it will not be easier. But i have to move on. i’m not sure what will happen in the future days but i hardly believe the power of God.  And the need to Rise up..! tough tasks will make a man to learn how to become a successor…  And I hope there is life.. There is Love..


On the way of the road..!














Entry to a new world.

I have been using internet for the past 6 or 7 years. In that period of time i have joined several social networks and handle it very properly i think. but to create a blog is always stays difficult for me, i never tried for it, thats the main fact. so after joining and being very active in Twitter site made me think of to create a blog. thats put me to write this one. So even after took a decision to create a blog in my own name, am still confused about what to write and how. But in the same sense i am quite sure about one thing that if any one read about what i wrote in this site never feel better for them, coz am not a good writter and nt at all a good thinker. A good thinker can become a good writter. i think these are the 2 qualities that a man need to create and handle a blogger when comparing to any other social networks. I started my social network handling with Orkut and after FB now from the last 3month very active in twitter also. The other problem is with me is the language. so the coming days i will try my level best to handle this site properly. let’s c how it work.